‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’ – Hippocrates

I’m starting this blog as a method of sharing my health journey. In the past year, I have changed my diet radically to cope with a major illness and IBS. Through my research I have found a significant link between diet and nutrition. There are countless studies to point to this link. Following that reasoning, I am taking it one step further and am using nutrition to cure my illness. To that end, this has led to my following a refined sugar free, (mostly)low glycemic, gluten free, dairy free, vegan and alkaline plant based diet.

What is so exciting is that not only can we control each day what goes into our bodies but also the more I learn about the healthy nutritional minerals in as what’s been called ‘nature’s pharmacy’, the more happy it makes me as there’s simply so much one can do with fruit & vegetables. One example of this proof of genius people is indicated by what folks are doing in the raw food scene. In today’s climate of disease and obesity, Hippocrates’ famous quote holds true more than ever!

The study that came out recently about how processed meat causes cancer published by the World Health Organization, is certainly having a necessary impact. And although it’s not my intent for this blog to be preachy, I do hope that through my  research findings and recipes, it will show that eating a vegan diet is not only healthy but also mega tasty and fabulous.


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