Food Matters Live!

Food matters live 2


Unfortunately, I only found out about this event the other day, so missed out on Tuesday and had to work Wednesday but today (Thursday) the final day I knew I wanted to go. The description to the event appealed greatly to me. ‘Food Matters Live is a new annual event exploring one of the most important challees of our time: the relationship between food, health and nutrition.’ it reads on the website.  As someone who is actively searching for better health via nutrition, I knew this would be the event for me.

That said, I have to admit I was a tad turned off by some of the exhibitors; I think I still had the mental/emotional imprint of Vegfest . Now I had dropped the ball on blogging about Vegfest and I’m sorry about that – mostly because I was so incredibly inspired by the event’s speakers notably the effervescent Victoria Moran and nutrition expert Christine Bailey.  I honestly can say I had a life changing experience there, and I vowed to pursue my veganism with more passion than ever. Anyways Food Matters Live was a completely different experience. Many of the exhibitors were essentially companies who had created chemicals to put in food and where there to showcase these products, so of course, that would lend to this food/nutrition ‘tradeshow’ having a more sterile vibe. And sadly, I missed the many seminars and talks that were taking place by nutritionists and experts alike – which didn’t help. I’m sure I would have learned so much  more.

What I did partake in – tasting and trying the vast free samples of vegan food, I enjoyed very much.. AND THE CHOCOLATE…oh the chocolate….My favourites Booja Booja, The Raw Chocolate Co., as well as Conscious Chocolate and Ombar were all there and right next to each other. What a treat! As well as the fantastic vegan ice creams (my next blog post…!) Well it was soo worth it just for that……………….So all in all,  for free entry in, Food Matters Live greatly delivered!




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