The Best Vegan Ice Creams (UK)

Vegan Coconut Ice Cream

Holy smokes. Still buzzing from the vast amount of chocolate and delicious ice creams I got to try today at FML. Now who doesn’t LOVE ice cream? I admit I used to love downing a pint but lately I tend to steer clear, mostly because I am trying to avoid sugar, well and having IBS and being vegan I am in no position to be having milk. (I should preface this blog post with the fact that I’m a big coconut fan and not so big on soya; so you’ll notice none of the below contain the latter. I’ve skipped out on swedish glace which I find sickeningly sweet and full of strange chemicals as well.)

Some of my faves although some may be hard to find as they’re not in stores yet or have limited distribution so be on the look out as these bad boys are dare I say nutritious and decadent. Anyways I’ll start with my favourite one ever I discovered at Vegfest.

the nude spoonice cream The Delicious Rooty Ginger Booty               Kezra of the Nude Spoon

  1. The Nude Spoon: Now the Nude Spoon is run by several young lovely entrepreneurs. I have had the opportunity of meeting them a few times and they’ve always been super sweet. Their personalities in fact match their ice cream, which is absolutely heaven sent!  And what I like about it is that while there are minimal ingredients, the flavour is just simply spot on! My favourite is the Rooty Ginger Booty which is just coconut milk, coconut sugar, cashews and  pure ginger and that’s pretty much it – it just zings with ginger pizazz. So this is my number 1. While at the moment they only sell at London’s Alara’s near Russell Square, the great news is that Planet Organic are going to be carrying them come January, so you’ll be able to get your fix anytime!

maple-pecan-pack (1)

2. I’ve also had the pleasure of trying the Maple Pecan flavour of Booja Booja. I love the Booja Booja brand and am a big fan of their chocolate truffles. Their ice cream I adore but I tend to have more that I should at one sitting and thus it can be a bit too sweet. The ingredients are Water, Cashew Nuts*, Maple Syrup* (18.8%), Agave Syrup*, Pecan Nuts* (1.7%). Perhaps it’s the syrupy sweetness  that can be quite overwhelming (especially if you’re like me and over indulge more than necessary at one sitting….whoops)?  Nonetheless, this is a great choice and is cashew based, and can be found at all the major health food shops.


sweet rebellion

3. I had the absolute pleasure of trying the vegan peanut butter coconut based flavour  from  Sweet Rebellion today at FML. It was absolutely delicious. Apparently it is not on their website as they are still sorting out packaging but hopefully will hit the stores in the new year. I am excited about this brand Taywell, because they are introducing the public to sweeteners like stevia and  erythritol, which are lower on the glycemic index than sugar.  This is exciting for me, because overall it provides healthier alternatives! I’m really hoping that Sweet Rebellion will bring remove the egg that they have in their Rasberries and Cream flavour and just make more vegan products.


4. A tried and true favourite: the plain Coconut flavour by Okobay. The coconut is just heavenly and you’ll be transported to the tropics in no time! Ingredients are coconut milk 42%, water, cane sugar, chicory root fibre and stabilizers. Now I like to avoid cane sugar but every once in a blue moon, this bad boy hits the spot!

That’s all for now! Let me know if there are any vegan ice creams you’d like me to sample and  review on here.



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