Collaboration with Pauli Constantinou

Pop Art Hands graphic from from Dry

I am so excited to report that I will be joining forces with Pauli Constantinou of the nutrition blog ‘Living By your Rules’ .  We will be working together to share with you more nutritional content. He is a nutritionist and an amazingly positive person, who is helping me in my health journey. We speak a lot about acidiosis of the body and how that contributes to malaise of the body. Having changed to a fully vegan lifestyle, I have less stomach issues from IBS than before, but with the cold wintery weather, I find that they seem to pop up even more. Well he wrote a super informative and interesting post recently addressing the Vegan lifestyle of absorbing the nutrients in plant-based foods.

Well those who follow me on Instagram may know about how much I’m obsessed with superfoods and specifically Buckwheat, Quinoa and Chia – as they are paleo and thus seeds not grains.  I LIVE FOR my Buckwheat porridge and Quinoa scrambles!  Because as Pauli points out, it takes 8 essential amino acids to create a complete protein and Quinoa, Buckwheat Chia seeds contain them all by themselves.  Well whilst these foods are very healthy, in their raw form they also contain anti-nutrients known as Phytates – which hinder the absorption of vital minerals such as Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium and Iron!  Pauli discusses how important it is to CHEW our food well, which  I admit I have a problem with as I tend to eat so quickly. Not only that, but he also discusses soaking food too overnight, for better digestion.  He goes into the whys and hows. 

You can read all of Pauli’s informative blog post here!


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