Stoking your Digestive Fire (London based demo & talk)

warming spices

I’m sooo excited to be co-hosting this warming raw foods workshops with my friend and colleague, London based nutritional counsellor Paul Constantinou. I’ve known Paul since 2015 when he used to work at Beans and Barley and we have been wanting to collaborate ever since!

Check out his blog here where talks about Superfoods, vegan supplementing and fermented foods –the latter which he will be touching on in our workshop.

Come to this talk to hear Paul discuss the ins and outs of the raw foods lifestyle from a Chinese and Ayurvedic perspective. He will then address the difference between warming and cooling foods and will also discuss the importance of adding warming spices/herbs to the diet to wake up the digestive fire.

Spices like cinnamon, cumin, carraway seed and turmeric will be considered and I’ll be demonstrating raw warming pumpkin spice and turmeric coconut bliss balls.

Finally, Paul will then finish off the evening by demonstrating warming spicy sauerkraut followed by a Q&A.

You will be able to sample these tasty treats at the event and to take home and will leave with a summary of the talk, including recipes too.

Spaces are limited so please book in advance. We hope to see you soon!


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