My Story – Part 1: Manifesting my desire

My Story 

For the longest time I debated posting my story. I struggled and went back and forth on it because I didn’t know I’d be perceived. And I realized that it was FEAR holding me back; fear of how I’d look; fear of being weak, fear of perception. Fear of everything!

I decided to push back against that fear. Because innately I am a very honest person and i want to be as transparent and as honest as possible with you all because that is the real me. The more honest I am, the more of my true self I allow myself to be. 

So here is my story and why nutrition and wellness has become the passion it has become for me today. It’s a long one incorporating 3 parts….so sit back, grab a cup of tea, and get ready for a long read about what brought me to this place!

Part 1: Manifesting my desire

I came over to the UK from California, my home state in September 2013; it was a dream to come to London to study. For at least 10 years before I had been visiting London and just marvelling at the city, the architecture, the fashion history, the music history, it’s cultural history and prominence and well I wanted  to live there. It had literally been a seriously LONG manifested dream.

SO when I received a letter announcing that I had received a full tuition scholarship to my dream university, I knew it was a sign from the Universe. The sign that when you least expect things, that is when things happen! I had been happy working my full time job and selling vintage and records on the side and I loved it but I had a month to drop everything and move out of my LA flat. Which I did with no questions asked. It was the best decision I made in my entire  life but this does not mean the years that followed didn’t have their challenges and pitfalls. 

I came to London to study my Masters in the fall of 2013. Studying in London was a lifelong dream which resulted in vision boards covering my studio apartment in LA. I was in constant contact with the course director of the Fashion history and culture program at UAL that I wanted to enroll in.  But I knew it was a very difficult path as I wasn’t able to get the student loans I needed to be able to afford the program. I remember however, that I kept relentlessly applying for the program though, first in 2009, then again in 2012 for the following year.

Every day I worked towards to the goal of attending that program and sure enough  lo and behold, one summer day in 2013, my dreams came true!  Just to set the stage, at that time I was busy growing my side business (or hustle) of an online vintage and vinyl boutique. Anyways doing that I had no idea that my world would change that one fateful afternoon when I opened a mysterious skinny envelope with no return address.

There it was OUT OF THE BLUE….a sign that my dreams had manifested. A one page letter from the University of the Arts London where I had dreamed of going to, stating that I had won an unconditional full tuition scholarship. MY HEART SKIPPED A BEAT. HERE WAS A literal LIFE game changer RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!

OK here’s where it gets even weirder. I hadn’t even applied to the scholarship. It was a scholarship that is no longer in existence even; it was one that the Chancellors had decided to grant to students who they felt were worthy of the opportunity! …………………………….I know, right? Imagine my shock and happiness! I have never been confident about my writing and this application I got a LOT of help with. Writing was not something that I was particularly fond of but I thought the degree, an academic course in fashion history & theory which tied in my interests, would definitely increase my professional profile. And there it was. I had a month to sell/move out of my LA flat and move across continents.

Now the reason I’m sharing this story is because of the incredulity of the entire experience. And also to point out that this wasn’t a mistake. My putting out the intention of it for SO Many years made it happen –working on my goal a little bit every day; contacting the director of the program, etc. It all led me to that point. Add to that, my happiness and contentment doing what I love, also led to my desires coming through.  Now this is what Abraham Hicks and other spiritualists talk about, it’s about BEING HAPPY with your situation, and that’s when doors open! My experience taking me to London is proof of that. It’s only when you LET Go and live and are happy, only then is when things come to you. Don’t Force Things. Just be Happy; for that is what we are here for. Now speaking of happiness, that became a bit of a struggle when I encountered the next hurdle I must admit…



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