The Academy of Healing Nutrition London

academy of healing nutrition pic
I have been on a healing journey for several years now and have become extremely passionate about the power of nutrition to heal. Well, I am excited to report that after careful consideration, I shall be starting the Holistic Nutrition course at the Academy of Healing Nutrition March 17th.

I’m super excited because of the amazing variety and depth of knowledge offered and I also like that the course is both online and in person; so you get that varied and comprehensive mode of instruction

Spaced over 10 week modules throughout the year, the dynamic curriculum includes:

  • Practical cooking classes, taught by world-renowned chefs and teachers
  • A hands-on exploration of Chinese herbs
  • Experiential classes in holistic wellness techniques
  • Seminars exploring Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda – something i’m super excited about!!
  • An in-depth study of Food Energetics
  • Training in counseling and diagnostic skills
  • Career and business development strategies and tools
  • Comprehensive workbook and reference materials for academic and professional use.
  • Also the teachers are being flown in from all over the world to contribute their expertise.

If you are interested, I can speak to you about several discounts on at the moment so please get in touch with me soon. They also offer a flexible payment plan and are happy to help!

Join me on this beautiful healing journey!





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